Tamara Plummer: Sharing God’s Hands In The World

Tamara Plummer: Sharing God’s Hands In The World


Tamara Plummer is a cradle Episcopalian who worships at Saint Luke and Saint Matthew’s Church in Brooklyn. Since October 2015, she has been transforming the way The Episcopal Church celebrates God’s presence in the world, through her service with the Episcopal Asset Map.

The Episcopal Asset Map is an online portal that highlights how local churches are active in their communities. For example, you can use the tool to find churches that host food pantries, based on your geographic area. It maps the gifts, strengths and assets of The Episcopal Church across the United States, making it easy to locate active ministries through one consolidated resource.

The tool was developed in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy (which impacted the East Coast in October 2012). There was an urgent need to identify parish-based programs in order to respond with appropriate disaster relief. Thanks to this tool, it will be easy for domestic disaster relief agencies to deploy outreach resources without reinventing the wheel each time. The project is a partnership between The Episcopal Church and Episcopal Relief & Development

As Asset Map Coordinator at Episcopal Relief & Development, Tamara has spoken to over 200 Episcopalians across the United States about their ministries. She sees potential for this tool to tell the stories of how The Episcopal Church can be “God’s hands in the world.”

“The Asset Map is a visual representation of how God is present,” she says. “Episcopalians can be shy about evangelization because we don’t want to be oppressive. The Asset Map allows us to reclaim the stories of how the hand of God is working in and through the Church.”

Tamara invites young adults to not only use the Asset Map, but to start populating the map with their stories and ministries. As a grassroots initiative, the Episcopal Asset Map needs people “in the pews” to get involved. It’s easy to get started: use the map to find your parish, and submit information on how your church is serving others. For example, you could update information about your parish’s after-school program or food pantry program. You can even add videos of your church’s ministry!

To learn more, visit Episcopal Asset Map: The Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement working in the world